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About - Alastair McNaughton
Australian Photographer

Alastair McNaughton's passions are people, travel and photography. Born in England in 1949, Alastair now resides in Fremantle in Western Australia (just south of Perth WA).

Alastair's love of travel and getting to know indigenous peoples culture has led him all over the world.

Photography is the perfect medium for Alastair's creativity and has led to many major photographic awards & prizes.

Alastair's exquisite works presented as signed, Original Photographic Art Prints are a welcome addition for any collector or are perfect for that very special and lasting gift.

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Alastair McNaughton
Photographic Equipment

The Cameras used for the Photography presented in these Original Photographic Art Prints galleries were NIKON F3 & FM2 with prime lenses 24mm/ 35mm/ 105mm Nikkor lenses.

The film stock Alastair uses are T-Max 100asa & 400asa.

Alastair doesn't work with a flash, preferring natural light. As a photographer Alastair has extreme patience and uses film sparingly, awaiting opportunities to capture an experience perfectly.

Alastair McNaughton Photographer
Exhibitions, Awards & Prizes.


  • 1991 ~ Red Cross Photographic Award (first prize)
  • 1992 ~ Fremantle Arts Centre (solo exhibition) Western Australia
  • 1995 ~ National Portrait Gallery, London
  • 1996 ~ Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Australia
  • 1996 ~ The Leica Prize
  • 1996 ~ The Nikon/Panorama Prize
  • 1997 ~ Royal Photographic Society, UK
  • 1999 ~ Starcourt Gallery, Sydney, Australia
  • 1999 ~ E3 Gallery, New York, NY
  • 2000 ~ UNESCO Award, Beijing, China
  • 2000 ~ Arts D'Australie Exhibition, Paris
  • 2002 ~ UNESCO (HIA) Beijing, China Body Adornment Photography Award
  • 2003 ~ Australian Commonwealth Broadcasting Assoc. Environment Award
  • 2005 ~ AICHI Expo Tokyo, Japan (Humanity Photo Awards)
  • 2005 ~ UNESCO Paris, France (Humanity Photo Awards)
  • 2007 ~ Foto Freo (fringe festival), Source Gallery, Fremantle WA
  • 2009 ~ Daylesford/Ballarat Photo Bienalle
  • 2010 ~ Foto Freo (fringe festival), 3 exhibitions, Fremantle WA
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