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Are you planning to replace those bathroom curtains with glass shower screens? If so, you must have realized that the latter is a modern and stylish alternative, as well as designed to keep water splashes away from the shower area.

The installation of frameless glass shower screens, shower enclosures, and shower doors offer elegance, incredible value for money and durability than shower curtains. It also updates your bathroom’s look, for they are crafted for a modern, clean showering space that should last for several years to come.

The article will tell you how to choose the best shower screen.

Bathroom renovation done by our bathroom expert with frameless shower screen

What is a Bathroom Shower Screen?

A shower screen is the glass panels that you find in most bathroom setup instead of curtains that prevent water and soap from wetting the other bathroom areas. Unlike curtains, bathroom shower screens are fixed using a hinge mechanism and glass of varying thickness.

The best shower screens are available in different options. The choice is based on your preference, as well as the family requirements and needs. Each type of shower screen has its strengths and weaknesses.

Different Types of Shower Screens

Fully Framed Shower Screens

They are prevalent screens in older homes. The glass has several glass panels and is built so that one slides on top of the other to allow entrance. Although the option is not as sleek and modern as the other screens, it’s perfect at preventing water from flooding the shower area.

Fully framed shower screens are difficult to clean because it has several nooks and crannies where grime and soap scum can hide. On the other side, the shower screen is relatively cheap and an excellent alternative for customers with a limited budget.

Semi Frameless Shower Screens

It’s a better option to fully framed one. The shower screen offers a thick and slack frame that surrounds the perimeter of your shower area and has a door that opens in both directions.

The semi-frameless shower screen prevents water splashes, just like a fully framed one. Nevertheless, the reduced size and scope might allow water to escape through the minor gaps between the fixed panels and the moving glass door panel.

It’s easy to clean this shower because there are lesser grime and soap scum spots than a fully framed one. The shower screen is priced at a mid-range.

Frameless Shower Screens

It’s a streamlined shower screen option because it doesn’t have frames, and the glass is thicker. The shower screen has a pivoting door like the semi-frameless screen option that opens in and out.

This type is not the best shower screen when it comes to retaining water. For instance, the water escapes through the gaps between the door panel, fixed parts, and floor tiles because it doesn’t have a rubber strip to seal these parts. Further, the door panel has more significant gaps around it because there is no frame to hold and aline these parts with others.

On the other hand, they are the easiest to clean because there are no areas where grime and soap scum can hide. They are also the most expensive options.

Single Panel Shower Screens

These are luxuriant walk-in shower ideal for larger bathrooms. Large single panel stops more splashes; however, it doesn’t prevent the water at its entrance from reaching the shower area.

Thus you should consider this Roman shower when your bathroom has enough space so that you can design it to mitigate water runoff.

It’s the easiest to clean because it has only a single panel, and it’s a mid-range price product.

Irrespective of the shower screen that you choose for your bathroom, experts state that it should be correctly fitted and sealed. Thus, Desert Images asserts that the best shower screens should be custom made for every bathroom.

Factors to Consider when Buying and Installing Shower Screen

Shower screen installation done by our bathroom expert with frameless shower screen


The size of the shower screen will be determined by two factors, namely; how powerful your shower kit is and the bathtub size. However, they are measured in millimetres and have a wide range of heights and widths. More so, they have a broad range of shapes to fit your different types of baths. Therefore, hire experts to access the best shower screens for your bathroom.


It’s easier to install the shower screens than most homeowners think because, with DIY, you can save both money and time. However, you can still seek professional assistance, for you may damage the wall or brand-new screen. The best shower screens are more substantial, and they give a more luxurious feel; however, you may not be able to install because they are a lot heavier.


Shower screen doesn’t need a lot of maintenance because they don’t require you to clean them regularly. They are considered as the best bathroom material because you only need a quick wipe after every shower. Simultaneously, the best shower screens are expensive because they have an easy-clean coating that makes your job much more comfortable.


Shower screens are safe for your young children, particularly when compared to shower curtains. You only need to ensure that they are built from toughened, high-quality safety glass for anything short of this will lead to regrets. Alternatively, you can go for a folding shower screen.


The cost of these shower screens is based on the quality, thickness of the glass, style, and shower size. You can get thinner, straight-edged models at a reasonable price because they don’t have extra features. Although the cheap or budget-friendly shower screens will do the expected job, they are not durable. Thus, spend extra money on a durable, high-quality, healthy, and adequate size shower screen. This shower will keep the splashes from your shower away.


They are mostly utilized on straight bathtubs; however, you can customize them to fit in a bathroom of any size and shape. Bathroom installation experts can install these shower screens on tricky angles or underneath sloping walls.

For the installation of the best shower screen, contact Desert Images for more suggestions.

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