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For thousands of years, many homeowners have been using clay brick as a standard building material for walls, roads, courtyards, and pathways. The brick pavers create an elegant patio, walkway, or driveway, thus giving your home a classy appearance.

Moulded clay is passed through the kiln when making brick pavers. They are then set onto a sand or mortar base when paving the driveway.

When you compare the brick pavers to concrete pavers, it’s easy to conclude that the latter is more complicated and durable. However, the classic brick is also sturdy and can stand up the typical driveway usage. You have to plan your brick pavers’ installation carefully, create a good base, and maintain these pavers regularly.

Of all the paving surfaces available in the market, clay brick is the most elegant and adds value to your property. Thus, the article will provide you with in-depth information about the installation of clay pavers.

Driveway paving job done with brick pavers

Factors to Consider During the Brick Pavers’ Installation

The Design

The main reason why many experts such as Desert Images recommend brick pavers’ installation over other paving materials is that they create a beautiful classic surface than poured concrete. Further, these pavers work well with any home style. Although these pavers are only rectangular, have red and brown colours, they can be arranged in different patterns.

Maintenance and Repair

Clay pavers are affected by moisture and UV rays over time; thus, they will begin weathering over time. However, with some proper maintenance, you can extend the life of these clay bricks and the driveway by 25 years or more.

It would be best if you regularly wash your driveway with a pressure washer once in a year. Further, repair the driveway when cracks begin to appear by applying fresh mortar and drying it properly.

Sealing the bricks is another way of enhancing the pavers’ durability; otherwise, the surface will begin to peel over time. The best way to apply sealer is by the use of a pump sprayer, a brush, or roller. These methods will ensure that the sand joints and the brick surface are correctly sealed. This will solidify the sand and keep weeds and moss away.

siloxane-based sealer is the best clay brick sealer, for it doesn’t change the appearance of the paver’s surface. Wet look sealers have a shiny look, although they don’t produce a gloss.

Brick Paver Cost

Brick pavers are not expensive to buy, and the cost of installation can be free if you do the job yourself. However, professional brick pavers’ installation can be costly, and the use of pricier bricks and the choice of fancier designs can drive the cost higher.

These pavers are relatively expensive when compared to poured concrete or concrete pavers.

Brick Pavers’ Installation

The brick pavers’ base can either be mortar or paver sand, and like any other driveway material, you should have a well-prepared base. This is particularly important when dealing with driveway pavers because they will be required to support a great deal of weight as compared to patio and walkway.

The following are the procedure of preparing the base of brick pavers.

  • Use layout strings to outline the area you want to pave.
  • Remove the old or existing paving.
  • Excavate the paving area to a depth of 12 inches.
  • Fill the excavated area with 8-12 inches of gravel.
  • Compact the gravel.
  • Add a layer of sand of 11/2 inches and level it.
  • Lay the bricks in the pattern you desire.

Brick pavers’ installation begins with setting the perimeter bricks with concrete to create a solid edging that can hold the rest of the field bricks.

You should periodically flatten and set the field bricks as you continue with the installation by pounding them with a mallet.

Further, it would help if you trimmed all the edges using a rented wet saw with a diamond blade, or a handheld circular saw.

Use a heavy roller to flatten and level the brick surface upon completion and fill any cracks that may appear between the bricks using a mortar and loose sand.

Desert Images recommend the use of sand-setting during the brick pavers’ installation because it allows rainwater to seep through, thus environment-friendly.

The Importance of Depth When Installing Brick Pavers

It’s essential to create a good depth when installing brick pavers. Thinner pavers lack functional weight-bearing capacity, thus not ideal for driveways but an excellent choice for patios and pathways.

On the other hand, thicker pavers are slightly expensive but have the required strength to bear the weight of commercial vehicles, cars, and trucks. Thus, it would help if you considered thicker pavers when paving high-volume traffic areas.

Brick Pavers or Concrete Pavers

Driveway paving job we completed with white finish brick pavers

Brick pavers lend the landscape of your property a timeless look because it’s a classic building material. The clay-based pavers are expensive than their concrete counterpart. They also offer fewer design options as compared to other paving materials.

Brick pavers are long-lasting, but you have to seal them frequently to prevent staining. Further, you need to repair and maintain them now and then because they break and crack easily as compared to the concrete pavers.

Pros of Bricks Pavers

They have a wide range of colours to select from, and different patterns to choose from during the brick pavers’ installation project.

Brick pavers are made from a reusable natural material, can be salvaged and cleaned thus eco-friendly.

These pavers can blend well with any home design, unlike other materials like poured concrete.

Clay pavers undergo firing during the production process, thus resilient when cleaning and don’t fade quickly.


Brick pavers are fragile to a certain degree; thus, they can chip or crack over time.

You have to provide a good base during the brick pavers’ installation, which is costly and time-consuming.

Frequent cleaning and maintenance are needed to prolong the lifespan of the driveway

.Reasons Why Brick Pavers are Right for You

Brick pavers’ installation is expensive; however, the clay brick is the right choice for your driveway because it gives you an elegant classic look.

You also need the right skills if you choose to do the work yourself or contact Desert Images for a professional paver’s installation.

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